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Couple counselling is not just for couples in a romantic relationship, it can be beneficial for any two people experiencing relationship difficulties, for example married partners, civil partners, same sex couples, parents and adult children, adult siblings or friends.

Couple counselling is effective at helping to understand and resolve issues that arise within your relationship. By working together, we will explore the difficult issues that cause arguments and tension, including power base and boundary issues. We will look at the personal histories of you both, along with any outside influences and aim to understand how these may be affecting the stability of your relationship.

Sometimes couple counselling can be about facilitating the ending of a relationship. In this instance you are encouraged to work through any unresolved feelings and outstanding issues to allow your separation to be conducted in an adult and amicable manner. This is even more important where children are involved and subsequently caught up in the separation of their parents.

Couple counselling is not about apportioning blame onto any one individual, it’s about understanding the relationship, what went wrong and looking for a way to move forward within or outside of it. Couple counselling is about understanding, communication, resolution and growth.

Many couples seek counselling for a range of reasons including:

If you are a couple struggling to make sense of your current difficulties, please contact me for an initial consultation. Please note that initial couple’s consultations are always seen with both partners present.

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